Testing Services

Testing Services

Importance of Early Lifecycle Validation

Involving testing teams during the requirements elicitation stage provides significant cost avoidance to information technology programs.

Uncovering Business Value of Testing

Today, there is an increasing need for IT teams to look beyond just improving efficiency in their delivery of IT solutions. By focusing on the business value of testing, organizations can become more competitive and profitable.

Innovative Approach to Performance Testing with Functional Test Tools

Using functional tools for performance testing can lead to faster time-to-market and reduced cost of testing.

Benchmark Software Quality against Testing Metrics

A testing metrics program supported by an implementation road map and a robust data analysis and reporting mechanism provides actionable insights to enhance quality.

Test Automation for Faster Product Delivery and Customization

The key to survival in a feverishly-changing market is flexibility. Insurance technologists need to review their insurance systems to introspect on how faster product delivery can be ensured.