Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

Change is a constant in this globalized economy. And a talented workforce is the only competitive advantage that you can bet on.

Pometek's staffing solutions provide comprehensive end-to-end activity management to your staffing requirements, bridging gaps in your need for skilled workforce and the right people, with the right competencies. Because we understand that people with the right competencies - Skill, Knowledge and Attitude - can make all the difference to your ambition of bringing in a positive change to your organization.

Right Talent - With our qualitative and personalized staffing solutions, we enable you to reduce human resource related operating costs, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

Many companies count on us to acquire and retain the right talent. As a leading staffing agency from India our operational excellence caters across segments.

We cater to a wide-range of profile requirements viz., Sales, Back office operations, Finance & Accounting, Administration, Human Resources, Customer Service support personnel, Programmers, etc. Based on the client mandate we source and offer a customer support specialist at your place, to address all your employee-related issues so that your managers can focus on their core competencies. Generally, after the short-listing, you get to recruit your hand-picked candidates, and then they migrate onto our rolls.

Our Staffing Solutions Approach - Quality of service, geographical reach, technology driven solutions, providing employees on tap, effective training and superior operational delivery systems are some of the big pluses you get to experience with us. Our entire service delivery is facilitated by world-class technology backing.

Value Additions from Pometek - With the best references and repeat clients, our process driven methodologies, are our pride. With a planned and systematic approach, adhering to high levels of compliance, we deliver true value to our clients. Our dedicated and qualified team ensures a transparent process is in place, which has won us huge accolades from clients