Application Services

Application Services

Implement Performance Engineering for Consistent Business Performance

Performance Engineering is imperative to ensure the scalability of your IT systems. According to Pometek' expert, software engineering achieves a higher level of maturity through performance-driven development. This software engineering approach focuses on performance across the software development lifecycle, from business requirements gathering to go-live. Significantly, it extracts maximum value from your IT systems by ensuring higher predictability, lower risks and improved productivity.

Offshore Programs: Converting Challenges into Opportunities

Offshore programs involve management of niche aspects of IT such as Contract Administration, Relationship Management, Change Management and Infrastructure Management. These are opportunity areas that enable project managers to scale up.

Offshoring: Making the Shift from Cost Savings to Innovation

Pometek demonstrates how offshoring can be leveraged to deliver innovative solutions to global clients, with the view that offshoring must focus on delivering innovation and providing tangible value.

Managing the Complexities of Designing Global Applications

The design and development of global applications involve challenges in the areas of technology, domain and process. Address the challenges before you start building global applications.