Application Development Integration

Application Development Integration

Businesses today need to eradicate high operating costs wherever possible. But merely slashing budgets can result in risks to business continuity and diminished application quality and user adoption rates.

Solve Critical Problems Quickly and Effectively

Pometek's application development and integration service line solves critical business and technology problems by developing custom software.

Pometek can reduce your application development and integration costs while lowering risk, enhancing product quality, and improving time-to-market. Whether it's our cost-neutral approach to legacy modernization, our skill in leveraging open source technologies, or our highly adaptive pricing model, our goal is the same as yours - to realize greater value from your IT investments.

We have a stand-out track record of consistently architecting and building solutions for large, complex, high-touch projects and programs — on time and on budget. You gain rapid, adaptive, cost-effective solutions by taking advantage of our disciplined project execution approach, multi-disciplinary teams, and a seamless ability to blend the right mix of onsite, offshore, and near shore resources to meet and adapt to your specific needs.

Our responsive, vendor-agnostic approach ensures flexibility, leverages open source where feasible, and maximizes your return on investment. This technology-neutral viewpoint fosters high product quality and user adoption rates by exploiting the benefits of the latest technology in an agile, user-centric application development environment. The result: Your users gain access to more useful functionality at a lower cost.